Curl South Jersey!

Bringing chess on ice to New Jersey's better half


Why Curl?

•  It's a sport that lasts a lifetime


•  It's enjoyable regardless of physical fitness or natural athletic ability


•  It provides never-ending challenges in both skill and strategy


•  It promotes teamwork and communication


•  It's great exercise


•  Curlers are the happiest people on earth *

Curling brings people of all ages together.  It's enjoyable at all skill levels, regardless of personal fitness or natural athletic ability.  


    It's fun,

        it's challenging,

           and it's great exercise!


Curling is sometimes referred to as 'chess of ice' because of the complex strategic choices and constantly-changing tactical situations and playing conditions... including assessments of the strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of both your teammates and your opponents.  While the tactics are complex, the rules are quite simple, and even new players who haven't begun to master the cerebral intricacies of the game can still contribute to the team and thoroughly enjoy themselves.


Curling is also sometimes compared to golf:  It's one of the great sports that can be enjoyed for a lifetime; you're never too old; it's never too difficult; and there's a never-ending opportunity for improvement.  In golf, you never forget that 80 yd chip that landed right in the cup... In curling, you'll never forget your game-changing run-back double through the narrow port, or that light draw that your frantic sweeping managed to drag all the way to the button.  It's very exciting... you'll love it!

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* No, we can't point you to any formal study proving that curlers are the happiest people on earth...

        but come spend some time with us and you'll see for yourself :)

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